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A for Anxiety

A poem about running away from anxiety, creating mindful adventures, fighting the stigma, and battling your inner demons.


I’d like to feel safer whilst road cycling

The road bike came out of the shed for a special appearance: my first commute in quite a while. Ok, so it was just a couple of miles to my destination, my rucksack full of clothes and notepaper, some snacks and water. I was heading to a workshop taster session with ION Leadership on what mental toughness means. Without a car and living in … Read More I’d like to feel safer whilst road cycling


If we talk Women, Sport and Media, will you run a mile?


If you think happy thoughts…


Let’s start with now

Win Like The Wind

Just one week left to be in with a chance to win the latest edition of #LiketheWindMagazine! #ukrunchat


Run for the hills (part 1)

Pushing the Zone

A time warp moment. Just six weeks ago I could barely contemplate going for a run, and now I’m planning the challenge of my lifetime. How come I’ve gained so much ground in such a relatively short time? Where is the research that can follow this and report back so that it can be handed out to others when they’re also on the brink … Read More Pushing the Zone


When Irony Strikes Hot

Sport as a means of recovery for mental health conditions.

Compassion v Cynicism

Give yourself a pat on the back if you’re taking a leap of courage to improve your situation and your health at the start of 2015. Whether it’s a detox or a new training programme, doing an action will always reap more results than just thinking about it. I love new starts! It’s always good to clear out cobwebs and review the direction we’ve … Read More Compassion v Cynicism