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A for Anxiety

A poem about running away from anxiety, creating mindful adventures, fighting the stigma, and battling your inner demons.



Greetings and welcome to October! (n): The month of magical changes in nature, when greens turn to reds, oranges and yellow. Ghosts, witches and ghouls come out to trick us for treats. Clocks are altered, pumpkins flourish, and skies darken more quickly than we’d like. It’s also the month of the daily pen and ink sketch, hence, #Inktober! The idea behind Inktober is a … Read More Inktober

1000 miles

I appear to have overlooked my 1000-mile mark of running since returning to the game towards the end of September. When I think about it, that’s a lot of running! It’s also nothing short of a miracle when I know that right up until the day before beginning to run again, I couldn’t contemplate leaving the house without the heavy weight of paranoia around my neck. … Read More 1000 miles


When Irony Strikes Hot

Sport as a means of recovery for mental health conditions.