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Get your house in order

Sometimes your own thoughts are all you need to move forward.


What I wish my illness could do in my absence


So how often should I blog about my mental illness?


If you think happy thoughts…


From ashes to arrows

We are earth, we are stars, we are nature.

Pushing the Zone

A time warp moment. Just six weeks ago I could barely contemplate going for a run, and now I’m planning the challenge of my lifetime. How come I’ve gained so much ground in such a relatively short time? Where is the research that can follow this and report back so that it can be handed out to others when they’re also on the brink … Read More Pushing the Zone


When Irony Strikes Hot

Sport as a means of recovery for mental health conditions.

Compassion v Cynicism

Give yourself a pat on the back if you’re taking a leap of courage to improve your situation and your health at the start of 2015. Whether it’s a detox or a new training programme, doing an action will always reap more results than just thinking about it. I love new starts! It’s always good to clear out cobwebs and review the direction we’ve … Read More Compassion v Cynicism