Nine days to go till this beast of a race! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I get scared as well as excited when thinking about taking part. This is an arduous course, the weather is never favourable, and the tarmac relentlessly either uphill or down.

Llanberis to Pen y Pass climb. 5km of pure uphill.
Llanberis to Pen y Pass climb. 5km of pure uphill.

49 miles put in this month so far…believe me that’s a lot of time to find and squeeze in around a life of work, university, family, eating and sleeping. As well as hockey, core work and events.

Recently I’ve been reviewing my running journey, the spiritual path that I’ve discovered, the therapy, the pain, the growth. Whilst I was out running yesterday – 20 miles over Welsh rugged mud-sucking farmers’ fields, rivers of rain flowing down the roads carrying the fallen autumn leaves, ever-growing puddles at each kissing-gate – my thoughts were bright, positive, determined, and completely focused on the task of being the very best runner I can be. I contemplated on the realisation that all of my running gear was at least three years old. My Saucony Jazz TR 14 trail shoes full of holes with the sole pulling away. My Skins leggings losing their grip on my legs with only the faded memory of their diamond pattern. My Montane jacket torn around the arms from too many rucksack adjustments and close-encounters with brambles.

After many hundreds of mountain miles and races, my Saucony Jazz TR 14s are on their last legs.
After many hundreds of mountain miles and races, my Saucony Jazz TR 14s are on their last legs.

But such is the nature of the beast. I am taking on this challenge and everything that comes with it, with the additional task of raising funds for a very worthy cause, and in contrast to the nature of the charity’s aim, I am a very lucky person indeed.

Help me to help Awyr Las, the North Wales NHS Charity for Cancer patients which is 100% reliant on donations to provide patients with comfort, transport, and all the other small things that we can all take for granted until we need someone else to provide them.
It’s a small charity so it doesn’t benefit from the massive campaigns that the country gets involved in, please remember the smaller ones who are in your community too!

In exchange for one day’s brew, you can now donate towards the North Wales Cancer charity by text! Simply text EVRN79 £1 to 70070. And it will add Gift Aid too.


To just put it out there, into the Universe, a new pair of trail Sauconys size 40 would be genuinely appreciated. And if you can donate them for my race, I will auction them off after the event to raise more money for the cause. I want to give back, and give BIG!

Thank you so much! ❤

About the Author Yvie Johnson

"You are the root of your success." Turbulent times will bring out the best in you, to make you stronger for yourself, and for others. Living with Bipolar Disorder, I'm now taking one day at a time and arming my spirit and body with health, love and happiness for the journey ahead.