261- Three very important little numbers.

The image of Kathrine Switzer running from the race director whilst male runners protected her from him has stayed with me for years, a symbol of the refusal to acquiesce to a male-dominant society. But positively, a symbol of strength and energy, trust in others, and a willingness to do something new.
I didn’t pay attention to the number, I probably wouldn’t recognise the lady herself if she walked past me. But the story lodged in my brain and has since grown some roots. Finding this article is a little like those roots finally blooming into a field of tulips. The meaning unfolds as described, and everything about it has altered from a black and white photo to a brightly colourful field of dancing flowers. What a remarkable outcome. #261Fearless

Dr Juliet McGrattan

Yesterday my milkman asked me what the 261 number on my running top meant. I didn’t want to make him late for the rest of his deliveries but I really wanted to tell him about it. You see it means lots of different things, is very important to me and its powerful message will help so many women. It’s a number you’re going to see popping up more and more all over the place in years to come. Let me explain.

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