If you think happy thoughts…

Good things come to those who think happy thoughts.
Perhaps that’s true…

What is true for sure, is that since adding PhytoSport After Workout to my training diet over the past two years I’ve felt a marked improvement in my ability to recover, despite extreme circumstances, and I’ve certainly noticed when I wasn’t using it too.

I put my shin splint and Achilles/tendonitis recovery whilst still running up the country on LEJOGLE down to my disciplined nutrition, and being focused on what my body needed. PhytoSport was crucial in this nutrition plan, because I could not get the nutrients I needed on the road every day.

1929585_12886536318_4553_nSince competing on the international triathlon stage a decade ago, I’ve been immersed in the world of whole nutrition vs convenience and processed, but have also fallen foul of supplements to support my training. I quickly—when I say quickly, I mean about five years’ of wondering why I would have to stop mid-race, or would suffer excruciating pain the night before a race which prevented sleep—discovered that my stomach does not take kindly to gluten, to certain high-profile companies’ products, to a high carb diet, lots of dairy, or to lots of sugar. And I have not always been able to solely rely on solid food, because post-races I can barely eat a morsel, so my immediate recovery has to be liquid.

Even three years after debuting as a GB Age-Group triathlete, I was still experiencing the fallout of free radicals in huge dosages after competing in a fell race straight after a ten-hour night shift, whilst also getting dehydrated and sunburnt on the course, and this ultimately led to a poor triathlon race performance the following weekend; my legs literally felt like lead.

I couldn’t recover from a 10-mile run, even after four days? What was that all about?

Yvie TriI was the first of two people to get onto the massage table at 0730am pre-race at the Slateman Triathlon 2010. Funnily enough, the other person was another police officer, I think he was from Cheshire, who had also come off a night shift and had run the same fell race as me. We saw each other and laughed, the same drained body, dead legs, poor recovery scenario. Quickly afterwards I understood what needed remedying. If I was going to put myself in such conditions, my recovery plan needed to be peak. I set about understanding the difference between electrolytes and energy drinks, the need for antioxidants and protein, getting rid of pasta, bread and white potatoes and regulating my caffeine addiction. If indeed that’s even possible!

IMG-20160623-WA023_1I didn’t have access to Arbonne PhytoSport when I raced for GB or the police, but perhaps not having it then allowed me to understand the difference in quality, and need, for supplements in training. I will always advocate whole nutrition first, if only for its availability, sustainability, and the good habits that can be shared and passed on to our children. But dodgy tummies like mine need help, particularly when I’m on another multi-sport endurance campaign and I really don’t know what nutrients I’m going to be able to access.

The After Workout is a turmeric formula—when I cook I’m known for trying to cook everything possible with turmeric—it’s separate from a protein recovery fuel, which, in my case, is either solid food such as fried eggs, organic chicken or beans, or an Arbonne protein shake which is vegan—pea, brown rice & cranberry protein, high efficiency digestion and low waste for the body. I can drink it with coconut milk (my preference), add it to a protein shake, or I add it to my spinach, avocado and banana smoothies.

IMG_20160529_101126_edit_1It’s also not an energy drink. I prefer my energy from sweet potatoes, vegetables and bursts of energy from TrueStart Performance Coffee, this is where I get to indulge my caffeine addiction whilst looking after my tummy.

The full range, which is certified drug free for professional ranking, also includes a hydration supplement for electrolytes—Complete Hydration—personally I find this as efficient as my Zero tabs.

IMG_7334The energy drink formula—Prepare & Endure—that they also stock doesn’t give me gut bombs, but for the distances that I cover there isn’t enough carb in the formula, which is where I’ll revert to Tailwind Nutrition Cymru to see me out on those long, long days of racing/running. That said, when I started out, I was trying the products for multi-sport endurance sports when I was training to run my first 5km. Oops. Horses for courses.

All Arbonne products are available in my shop, and every penny in profit is donated towards my total fundraising for the year, this year I am campaigning on behalf of YoungMinds. This allows me to practice and understand philanthropy on a micro scale, and also share vegan and gluten-free choices available for our health and our sports performance.

Hello yellowArbonne’s philosophy of ethics, responsible environmental action, gender parity, and cruelty-free choices are very important to me and my view of reducing our impact on the world, and I will always advocate those who take their corporate responsibilities seriously.

Namaste x

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