The GENIE Within

list: a series of items written together in a meaningful grouping.
-ography: a writing about or a representation of a thing.

I am a list-maker.
I write lists that will easily fill up three-quarters of a side of A4 because I love the possibilities of what can be accomplished each day.

I am a dreamer, and three-quarters of that daily list will remain untouched, but it will be carried over to the next day because I am optimistic about its achievement.

I am a reader. I love books of all sorts of shapes, sizes and genres. An ideal day for me will typically involve curling up somewhere (preferably in a large comfortable oversized armchair) with a cup of tea and a portion of chocolate for good measure. It must also be warm.

I am a designer. I love to draw, paint, create, doodle, fiddle about with PhotoShop and Illustrator, and tweak and blend, and make imagery pretty and pleasing to the eye.

So when I came a cross a book, with a beautifully crafted cover design, and finger-tappingly delightful pages within, specifically for list-makers to write out their TO DOs to see them achieving and exploring and going on adventures, and is for their future selves rather than their daily chores, well I was just about beside myself with glee. This is a book
written for me.

Anyone who has come across The Secret: The Law of Attraction will understand the power of putting ideas out there, conceptualising them in a positive form, and visualising them in the future, will undoubtedly see this book as a means of incorporating The Secret philosophy into a pretty little package, by creating the best Wish List, ever. We all have a Genie within us, and if we ask for it (whatever it is)—nicely—then the universe will conspire to bring that request into fruition. The old adage to be careful of what you wish for works just as well for those negative thoughts as it does for the positive ones.

You see, I don’t yet own a copy of this book. My knowledge of its existence has been mere hours, courtesy of Ella Butler, a make up artist from Cornwall who took some photos and wrote about it on her Facebook page, and yet I feel compelled to share its title and prowess based on awareness alone. Such is the power of word of mouth recommendations.

So, want to know what the book is?

May I present to you My Future Listography: all I hope to do in lists by Lisa Nola.
And you can find out more about this book of lists, and others, at

Here’s an extract from their blurb:

“A pair named Lisa and Adam created Listography. was launched in 2006. The first Listography book was released in Fall 2007 by Chronicle Books.

Listography provides users (listographers) of all ages an easy-to-use tool for creative list writing and sharing. And through list making, you can shape an autobiography. A listography is a perpetual work in progress, a time capsule, and a map of your life for friends and family.

Whether it’s autobiographical lists, practical to do lists, referential lists, your wishlists, or utilizing lists others have made, your Listography can be a helpful reference tool and catalogue. We also see listographies as a valuable interaction between past you and present you, a record of what you want to remember — your own database of lists.

We hope your Listography serves as encouragement. Writing lists about your goals and to do’s is the first step to making them happen someday. We’ll see you when you think of your next list (or try out the list topic generator), and hope you enjoy the books and the website.

Thank you.—L and A”

Thank you to Ella Butler, Regional Vice President with Arbonne International, for introducing me to the world of Listography! Cornwall/London-based make up artist for TV, film, and weddings.

With a grateful heart,