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Fierce Bright Star

What I understood about my journey to diagnosis and beyond, after running 1800 miles across the UK, came out (unexpectedly, I must add) in the form of a poem.

I meant to say this poem during my TEDx Holyhead talk in April, but I was too nervous and overly worried that I’d stumble over my own words. So I let it hang there in the back of my thoughts.

StarsArtboard 28@2xNow, six months later, I’m just getting on my feet again, and re-reading the words remind me that my journey is as it should be. Tough. Because that’s what I am. And that’s what you are too.


Fierce Bright StarArtboard 8


By Yvie Johnson

"You are the root of your success."
Turbulent times will bring out the best in you, to make you stronger for yourself, and for others. Living with ME(cfs) and Bipolar Disorder, I'm taking one day at a time and arming my spirit and body with joy, love and gratitude for the journey ahead.

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