What goes around comes around

With a new puppy in our lives, as a family we’re revisiting what it means to be pollution-aware.

On our trail walks and runs I find myself with one eye on the magnificent views and another keeping an eye out for the macro, the strewn rubbish hidden in the undergrowth of the countryside. Our Nel, she’ll eat anything, and it worries me that there is so much plastic and scrap available for her to consume.

Moving forward into 2018, we’re looking to make as many small shifts as possible towards more sustainable living. Delightfully, I’ve come across SueMe, whose products and brand values are about being socially and environmentally conscious, becoming closer to nature, and also achieving your sporting best.

So I’ve teamed up with SueMe to offer you a chance to win a pair of their ultra-comfortable (I know because I’m wearing a pair) Beech Shorties or Tree Trunks. They won’t be arriving before Christmas, but they will be there for you to kick off your 2018 with one more eco-action under your belt.

The SueMe underwear is eco-friendly, comfortable and durable, and it can be used in all sports. I’m wearing mine on the trails!

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What do you need to do to win your very own pair of ethically-sourced underwear?

If you plan to make one small change to your lifestyle, what will you do? Whilst you think on that simply like this post, or the posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and remember to share it with others (because sharing is caring).

But be quick, because the deadline is 9pm Wednesday 20th December! (Yes, that’s tonight!)



Discover more about SueMe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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SueMe underwear were created to provide an experience that brings you closer to nature alongside your sporting achievements. They are natural, made from 95% beech tree pulp and manufactured to be CO2 neutral, giving you a comfortable, silky soft touch Who was it made for? No matter what your sporting discipline, these underwear were manufactured with performance in mind. The underwear are close fitting with seems placed away from chafing points, they are wickable, breathable and naturally antimicrobial.

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  1. Eating more vegetarian meals…using local organic veg box rather than supermarket veg.

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