Just a note on what it means:

brand-ambassadorBeing asked to take on the role of a Brand Ambassador can be an exciting and door-opening experience. It has to be met with a responsibility to promote the company through the channel of lifestyle, how you spend your time on- and off-line will become a representation of their values also, not just your own. Finding a company to support you, or being approached, either way, it’s up to you to give and take, and play your role in their marketing campaign.

This role isn’t normally funded, but there is commonly an exchange of goods and/or services for visual use of the products in your day-to-day activities, challenges, or whatever the purpose is of the exchange.



Grub are a forward-thinking alternative for the current global food distribution crisis. Each of their delicious bars contains cricket powder. But don’t let that put you off! My mum tried them without knowing and she enjoyed the taste. Whilst creepy crawlies and I have a tenuous relationship at best, I absolutely accept that our nutrition is being limited because of our cultural tastebud restrictions. Accepting that the beef industry is contributing to the warming of the planet, a sustainable farming solution and a sustainable source of protein is still needed. Did you know that crickets contain a whopping 69% of protein? They contain all 9 essential amino acids and are high in iron and calcium. More than 2 billion people around the world have cottoned on to the grub nutrition, so is it time you joined the crowd to support your environment and the future of our planet? #eatgrub

aKLJW0AETrueStart is the only coffee in the world designed specifically for sports performance, it’s a natural alternative to energy drinks that contain sugar. It’s clean, free from synthetics and, crucially, delivers an optimum, reliable level of caffeine every time. As a huge coffee fan I am very proud to be part of #TeamTrueStart and be supported by Gluten-Free and Vegan performance coffee! They have just launched the first caffeine bars in four different flavours.

images-13Arbonne deliver vegan & gluten-free dietary supplements which support a professional and amateur training programme. PhytoSport is an essential part of my preparation and recovery fuel – it’s also Certified Drug Free for all podium-seeking athletes. I don’t eat very well when running so their Pea Protein and full-compliment Greens Balance supplements are my cheat to juicing, and perfect at keeping my delicate tummy balanced in nutrients and satiety without worry of allergens. I’m proud to be an Arbonne Ambassador promoting the healthy option to training with a healthy lifestyle.

Click here to go straight to the shop and discover more about the forward-thinking and environmentally sustainable nutrition supplements. 100% of profits from purchases with my code 441114343 (or click the link to access my shop) will go towards supporting my current fundraising campaign, philanthropy can start on a small-scale.


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In 2016 I was fortunate to be approached by, and receive incredible product support from, TrueStart Coffee (gluten-free coffee fuel), Under Armour (sports kit), Endomondo (technical app support) and Wild Trail (gluten-free snacks), all of which were a no-brainer as far as good ideas are concerned. Adding to my role as Ambassador for Arbonne (gluten-free dietary supplements & petro-chemical free toiletries), I feel extremely fortunate and proud to have represented their concepts and played some small part in their wider awareness, through my writing, videos, photography, running and reminiscing, across all platforms.

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