arbonne_instagram_imageMy skin is covered! In the Spring/Summer of 2016 I ran the length of Britain twice, I didn’t suffer any sunburn, and received a grand total of four blisters in just the first couple of weeks. My skin was in great shape when I got home (not my cartilage/bones but that’s tarmac for you!) and this is thanks to the protection from Arbonne’s incredible range.

Here’s why I’m definitely keeping Arbonne for my adventure skin:

  • I used the ABC Baby Care Sunscreen SPF30 on my legs, arms and face each morning (SPF30 is the highest factor that is efficient, I applied it once each morning whether it was rain, hail, wind or scorching sunshine)
  • For extra hydration I used the ABC Baby Oil (now discontinued) or the SeaSource Detox Spa Essential Massage Oil on arms, legs and feet
  • For blisters and/or chaffing from wet clothing/trainers I would clean my skin, then protect it with the FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil then a layer of ABC Baby Care Nappy Cream—whilst running, if necessary, I would apply extra nappy cream to the sore area to prevent blisters/further chaffing
  • My special treat was definitely the SeaSource Detox Spa Renewing Body Gelée which was refreshingly cooling on tired legs, feet and neck, and made a great underarm deodorant and insect repellant!