With a recent diagnosis of M.E. (My-algic Ence-phalo-my-elitis), I am not just tongue-tied trying to toss this term about, I am now also restricted in what shenannigans I can get up to.

I am still navigating what I can do at home…including walking up and down stairs, self-care and accessing a keyboard. Whilst I figure out how to move forward, I have put all of my challenges, creative plans and extra-learning on hold.

Thanks for understanding x

A motivational speaker, brand ambassador, endurance athlete, content writer, illustrator, photographer and events creator with a flair for discovering the creative and mindful adventures around us (as well as a knack for finding things).

I feel humbled to be able to work in the areas where my passions lie, to be involved with exciting brands and fascinating people, supporting charities and projects, and feel empowered to share this path with others who care deeply about improving the lives of all of us.

I would love to hear what projects you have in store, and how I can add value to them.

Feel free to say hello for more information.