The measure of a person

I’ve learnt to measure strength, not with weights or speed, but by the adversity I overcome. It still surprises me how in the fleetest of moments a chronic illness can break your spirit. You can endure pain for days, handle the impact on your everyday, but then comes the time when your spirit breaks and you simply can’t handle it anymore. It has already taken the light from your eyes, sapping what is left of your energy and your dignity. Whilst your body screams, your soul does too, and you are left grieving for your lost self, angry that this…

The other me that I know

Thirteen months have passed since the words ‘where did I go?’ scrawled across my desk jotter were conceived. Later added to my journal for safe keeping, I didn’t know what it all meant at the time, but they meant something, and desk jotters had a way of making their way to the rubbish bin once filled from edge-to-edge.