Life hasn’t done throwing curve balls…

Since completing #LEJOGLE my mental health took a nose dive.

Expecting great adventures to end with rainbows and butterflies undermines what lies at the heart of it all—honest survival.

With a recent (2018) diagnosis of M.E. (My-algic Ence-phalo-my-elitis), I am not just tongue-tied trying to toss this term about, I am now also restricted in what shenannigans I can get up to.

I am still navigating what I can do at home…including walking up and down stairs, self-care and accessing a keyboard. Whilst I figure out how to move forward, I have put all of my physical challenges on hold. And though I now find learning and seated activities to be strenuous, I do what I can to keep my mind working, and my soul searching fulfilment. Other challenges that I now undertake may not be for grand experiences, not for great altruistic causes, but they are challenges nonetheless because of the effort they take within my current disability.

Thanks for understanding x