Living with ME

4th July 2018 was the day I lost my independence. Oh, the irony. Of course, independence is a fickle thing, it is as much a mind battle as it is a physical challenge.

As much as I’d be willing to fight to say that my independence was never lost or found, it is a central struggle of my new existence with a diagnosis of ME (My-al-gic En-ceph-a-lo-my-e-li-tis). Also known as Myalgic Encephalopathy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

You can join me on this journey towards greater/found/re-discovered independence with a chronic illness. Notice how I’m keeping this notion as a progressive stance, not looking, or perhaps falling, backwards. But we probably both know, there’s hope, faith, reality, and there’s being disillusioned. Whatever happens, you’ll have read about it here first.

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