Living with ME

4th July 2018 was the day I lost my independence. Oh, the irony. Of course, independence is a fickle thing, it is as much a mind battle as it is a physical challenge.

As much as I’d be willing to fight to say that my independence was never lost or found, it is a central struggle of my new existence with a diagnosis of ME (My-al-gic En-ceph-a-lo-my-e-li-tis). Also known as Myalgic Encephalopathy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

You can join me on this journey towards greater/found/re-discovered independence with a chronic illness. Notice how I’m keeping this notion as a progressive stance, not looking, or perhaps falling, backwards. But we probably both know, there’s hope, faith, reality, and there’s being disillusioned. Whatever happens, you’ll have read about it here first.

Writing about ME

Illustrating ME

Nutrition Support I make use of

  • Arbonne Vegan Protein & Multi-Vitamin drink (full amino acids, plant protein, my preference is Mint Choc Chip flavour, has always been easy on my tummy and is often the only nutrition I can get in my system when severe nausea episodes occur)
  • Arbonne PhytoSport Complete Hydration (electrolyte sachets – my body has rejected all mainstream sports and pharmacy electrolytes so far, but this one is thankfully holding the fort)
  • Sevenhills Organic Cacao Powder (instead of a sweet drink or coffee – I often add this to my protein drink for extra flavour)
  • Organic Chicory (my hot drink/coffee replacement, I always mix in some organic cacao powder for a richer taste without the tummy upset of a caffeinated drink)
  • Pukka Three Ginger Tea (very soothing on my gut towards the end of the day, after I’m done with eating)
  • Spatone (sachets of naturally enriched iron water from Trefriw (down the road from me!), means I can aim to keep my iron levels up and not deal with side effects of iron tablets)
  • Celery Juice (often tastes bleurgh, haven’t missed a day of taking it since 25th April 2020, and has had a significant positive effect of calming my gut distress so that I can let the rest of my nutrition work better in my gut…that’s my gut instinct!)
  • Dr Sarah Myhill has created a Keto recipe book and offers nutritional guidance for meal plans with strict guidelines

External links for ME sites

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