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Yes, you can.

Hello! Yvie here, likely to be hunkered over a coffee writing out notes for another idea, plotting my next creative adventure to keep the fires burning in my heart, or simply exploring doodles and photo filters. I’m a serial-planner, I’m sure I’m of some use to someone. My partner thinks I’m daft but my children still have me on a pedestal so that’s definitely a win. If I could explain the point of this website in one sentence, I’m sure we’ll all be much happier:

Having tried to put myself to sleep some years ago, I believe I am here to spotlight that the diagnosis of a mental illness is not enough to stop you from achieving your extraordinary; through engagements, challenges, creativity, honesty and perseverance, I endeavour to give you some hope to keep going, and to go further.

(That really was just one sentence.) When we face seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it is the human spirit—which has stood the test of time—that knows our trials are lessons for us to work with, learn from, and surpass.

Recognise your struggles, and work with them, they are part of your story.

In 2016 I took on the greatest adventure of my life (aside child-rearing) and embarked on a mission to run from Land’s End to John O’Groats, and back again, the equivalent to running up and down Mount Everest more than eight times: simply to prove that I could both mentally and physically. Plan A promptly fell apart, but that is the delight of plans, when they are flexible, so a few more sequential (alphabetical) letters down the line and the result is a resounding success: yes, it is possible to take on and complete an enormous challenge with a mental illness.

No, it won’t be easy. Nor should it be.

But, boy, will you discover more about your life when you do. Want to learn more, just hit some buttons and scroll on down…

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