Hello Yellow

Hello Yellow

A sketch that prompted a quote that prompted a message.

“It won’t stop the rain, but it might be a shelter whilst you’re waiting for the storm to pass.”

There is a strong desire to have the answers to help someone, to take away the burden or to relieve the pressure. I’m learning that this can only be temporary, as we each need to figure things out for ourselves. So seeing support as a temporary shelter might just be enough to help someone back on their feet, and empower them to forge their own path in life.

By Yvie Johnson

"You are the root of your success."
Turbulent times will bring out the best in you, to make you stronger for yourself, and for others. Living with ME(cfs) and Bipolar Disorder, I'm taking one day at a time and arming my spirit and body with joy, love and gratitude for the journey ahead.

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