A series of illustrations that look at the Mental Health Awareness Week theme of Body Image: Exposure, Joy, Being True and Acceptance.

I may well fall short of many attributes that endow the hummingbird, but for my creative business, I feel that it’s more of a spiritual journey than a career and so a spiritual symbol that I can embrace feels just right.

I sketch on my iPad Air (pretty ancient version) using the Adobe Draw app. My stylus of choice is an Adonit Jet Pro Dampener.

Dabbling in illography has forced me to widen my field of view, and narrow my choice of subjects.

What does chronology matter, when quantum physics tells us that there is no time?

What is illography? It’s the storytelling through illustration, a pictoral journal, if you will. A serendipitous discovery at the turn of the new year which stoked my sketchy senses.

Week Four of the illography series sees the ME debate in Parliament, a reflection on beverages, an appreciation for Laini Taylor novels and Nel goes wandering again.

World Animal Day, take a moment to appreciate that there are more insects in this world than people. Inktober is about flexing the pen and ink muscles, having fun, trying new techniques, discovering other great artists in the field.

Pumpkin Gnaw, the most fun by pumpkins you’ll ever see is in the week prior to All Hallow’s Eve when curious folk carve out their nightmares into the flesh of the gourd family.