You can now support YoungMinds UK by clicking the Red Bubble!


Red BubbleMerchandise designs created by Yvie are available for sale at the Red Bubble online retail store. Designs created are curated by Yvie’s adventures in creative & mindful running, illustrations inspired from connecting with other people, and photography from the 2016 Fierce Mind LEJOGLE event. All purchase profits are donated to this year’s mental health fundraising campaign for Young Minds UK. Simply click on the red bubble and gift someone with an adventure-inspired product!

If you enjoy Yvie’s style of creations, do consider becoming a sponsor of hers on patreon.

You can support Yvie’s work from the price of a few stamps each month, with the added incentives of rewards, from getting involved in the design process to receiving personalised merchandise from the collection.

All of the patreon funds directly support Yvie in carrying out her creative work, which is also her own therapy to fight the isolation and stigma of bipolar disorder. And in return, Yvie endeavours to continue to raise funds for our mental health charities.

Below is a sample of the collection available at Yvie’s RedBubble shop:


Click on the logo above to discover more about working with Yvie on her challenges for 2017 and beyond, and why she is undertaking these gruelling events in support of YoungMinds, the leading mental health charity for children and young people in the UK.