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Choosing to create with/in discomfort

Nel jumped on the bed just before 6am. Her body clock knows when it’s time to get Tom up and out for a run and she’s never late on the job. I can see her silhouette in the dark, her tail is a dancing shadow. I murmur something to Tom about the darker mornings closing […]

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If you think happy thoughts…

Since competing on the international triathlon stage a decade ago, I’ve been immersed in the world of whole nutrition vs convenience and processed, but have also fallen foul of supplements to support my training. I quickly—when I say quickly, I mean about five years’ of wondering why I would have to stop mid-race, or would suffer excruciating pain the night before a race which prevented sleep—discovered that my stomach does not take kindly to gluten, to certain high-profile companies’ products, to a high carb diet, lots of dairy, or to lots of sugar. And I have not always been able to solely rely on solid food, because post-races I can barely eat a morsel, so my immediate recovery has to be liquid.

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Brain Training Part 1

Brain Training for going into the Unknown Recently I was asked to come up with some words about how I am training my brain for my challenge to run 1680 miles across the UK and back again, when the furthest I’ve ever completed is (just) 32 miles in one day. My first thought was: am […]