Get your house in order

Sometimes your own thoughts are all you need to move forward.

A for Anxiety

A poem about running away from anxiety, creating mindful adventures, fighting the stigma, and battling your inner demons.

What I wish my illness could do in my absence

Go for a run in the hills Climb a mountain Watch the sunrise from a hilltop Smell the wild flowers Camp under the stars Take a shower & wash my hair Brush my teeth Write a story Illustrate my thoughts & ideas Listen to music, sing & dance Do yoga Meditate Call somebody Step outside…

What if your GP could prescribe fresh air and exercise?

Wednesday morning I set out to squeeze a short, hilly run into my schedule before the start of the Tour of Britain on the top of town and the arrival of my mother for a day of family research. I ran up one of my usual steep climbs, just missed being taken out by a…