Running with Bipolar: go your own way

In the beginning all routes have the potential to stir up the wonderful running relationship between yourself and your body: that is the magic of running.

Running with Bipolar: the first step is the boldest

Part 1: So you want to run with your bipolar disorder? Some tips for taking that first bold step.

Get your house in order

Sometimes your own thoughts are all you need to move forward.

The GENIE Within

list: a series of items written together in a meaningful grouping. -ography: a writing about or a representation of a thing. I am a list-maker. I write lists that will easily fill up three-quarters of a side of A4 because I love the possibilities of what can be accomplished each day. I am a dreamer,…

If we talk Women, Sport and Media, will you run a mile?

Approaching 40, it's easy to think that I'm going to have to constantly justify why these adventures and challenges are taking place now, with children and responsibilities still abundant at home, no steady job, one career already behind me, when many organisations and initiatives appear to want to focus on supporting only those trying to…

Let’s start with now

2017. A new year, a new opportunity. My (main) New Year's Resolution will be to challenge myself to take on new adventures with new activities, but importantly, to keep all of my adventures at my own backdoor, in Wales. I'm calling this resolution #Challenge5Alive. You can find out more here! Here's a confession, though. The resolution…

So you think you can start again

How do I start running again? Tips for mental health, mindfulness, confidence, building up fitness and exploring running again.

Run for the hills (part 1)

Cast your mind back to your school cross-country days. For me, those cursed words still invoke chilling memories of trembling, skinny legs, freezing cold hands tucked as far into my thin sleeves as possible to stave off hypothermia, already glistening with the damp remains of a runny nose now red and sore with irritation, and deadly, steep mud slides in cheap…

Rolling South

I started this blog post less than a week ago and I'm so very glad I didn't post it. If there's something I'm learning (intermittently), it's that I cannot always rely on my own advice and judgement. Much to my own dismay. My opinions, my feelings, my emotions are not merely clouded, they are cloaked in…