Running with Bipolar: go your own way

In the beginning all routes have the potential to stir up the wonderful running relationship between yourself and your body: that is the magic of running.

Running with Bipolar: the first step is the boldest

Part 1: So you want to run with your bipolar disorder? Some tips for taking that first bold step.

Five life areas to keep in mind

Whilst I was thinking about what I've done these past four weeks or more, five areas in my life that I'm keeping close to my heart, mind, body and soul became apparent, and I simply wanted to share them with you.

Get your house in order

Sometimes your own thoughts are all you need to move forward.

A for Anxiety

A poem about running away from anxiety, creating mindful adventures, fighting the stigma, and battling your inner demons.

What I wish my illness could do in my absence

Go for a run in the hills Climb a mountain Watch the sunrise from a hilltop Smell the wild flowers Camp under the stars Take a shower & wash my hair Brush my teeth Write a story Illustrate my thoughts & ideas Listen to music, sing & dance Do yoga Meditate Call somebody Step outside…

Just a wee bit of running

Sorted: the active woman's guide to health

It has been thirteen years since I started running, again. Over the past thirteen years, a silent little (mostly) woman's issue has been swimming about in my thoughts before, after and during running. Predominantly, when I run fast, run uphill, or run downhill. Sometimes I am caught out because I genuinely forget I'm female. Sometimes I plan…

If you think happy thoughts…

Good things come to those who think happy thoughts. Perhaps that's true... What is true for sure, is that since adding PhytoSport After Workout to my training diet over the past two years I've felt a marked improvement in my ability to recover, despite extreme circumstances, and I've certainly noticed when I wasn't using it…

Let’s start with now

2017. A new year, a new opportunity. My (main) New Year's Resolution will be to challenge myself to take on new adventures with new activities, but importantly, to keep all of my adventures at my own backdoor, in Wales. I'm calling this resolution #Challenge5Alive. You can find out more here! Here's a confession, though. The resolution…