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What I wish my illness could do in my absence

Go for a run in the hills.
Climb a mountain.
Watch the sunrise from a hilltop.
Smell the wild flowers.
Camp under the stars

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Eat Grubs

Fear is an intense word. When we consider fear, we can probably imagine an infinite number of scenarios to accurately place ourselves in its shoes from a range of life experiences: near-death expectancy, or perhaps simply being terrified of being hurt, ashamed, rejected. In some way, fear amounts to an expectation of something negative resulting from a specific situation. We’ve perhaps all been there: afraid to ask someone out on a date, afraid to speak up in class, afraid to try something new, afraid to be seen doing something different, perhaps all on the lower end of the fear factor scale. Avoiding such cases is a weave of daily habits, responses, conversations, decisions.

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Just a wee bit of running

When running can make a huge difference to your life for all the right reasons, this is something that can take the shine out of the bling. I’ve done all sorts of races—mostly fell or cross-country, with short, sharp hills, fast downhills, sprints here and there, to long mountainous endurance trails and multi-stage adventure races where there was no option to change my shorts—and I’ve yet to manage any of them without emptying a bladder that I had thought was already empty. I’ve often felt let down by my own body, and brain, for tricking me into a false sense of comfort!