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If you think happy thoughts…

Since competing on the international triathlon stage a decade ago, I’ve been immersed in the world of whole nutrition vs convenience and processed, but have also fallen foul of supplements to support my training. I quickly—when I say quickly, I mean about five years’ of wondering why I would have to stop mid-race, or would suffer excruciating pain the night before a race which prevented sleep—discovered that my stomach does not take kindly to gluten, to certain high-profile companies’ products, to a high carb diet, lots of dairy, or to lots of sugar. And I have not always been able to solely rely on solid food, because post-races I can barely eat a morsel, so my immediate recovery has to be liquid.

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So you think you can start again

How do I start running again? Tips for mental health, mindfulness, confidence, building up fitness and exploring running again.

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A Zesty Refreshing Change

Marathon mileage is picking up, a fifth of the way through this month’s target, and if the weather is set to continue as it is….happy days!! Of course, more mileage means I need to increase my hydration levels, so I opted for a refreshing change to just plain tap water. Sliced fruits in water! Arbonne […]