I just want you to realise that it is acceptable to talk about and be affected by mental health conditions without feeling ashamed or stigmatised in any way.

Many charities work to help those who suffer, the families, the carers, and to educate those who are not affected so that they can show their support. I am taking on the biggest challenges I may ever realise in my life because I want to support the tremendous and courageous efforts of the organisations and the volunteers who seek to make a change, and to recognise what they are doing for us, nationally—Bipolar UKMindSAMHYoung Minds and Place2Be, that’s you! Join me in supporting the ones who step up for our mental health.

In 2016 I sought to raise money for five charities during the Fierce Mind challenge. For 2017, I wish to focus on one charity, YoungMinds. whilst I take on Challenge5Alive.

Find out why here.

Mental health campaigns in the world of social media that I am currently supporting:

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