Guest Speaker

Passionate about advocating mental health, creativity, sport and exercise, good nutrition and living a life of values and learned philosophies, I recognise that being in the position to communicate your view of the world is a humbling responsibility. I daresay educators, teachers and lecturers, to name a few, are up there on the pedestals owing to their ability to champion their topics and honestly brave the audience.

With past experience speaking at women’s networking events and at schools, this year I  look forward to spreading inspiration and love on International Women’s Day at Airbus, and at a variety of other speaking events later on in the year. Ask me to work towards a theme or leave it open to my discretion, I curate my own content and share lived experiences through visual media and stories, harnessing themes ranging from women in the media, overcoming adversity, creative adventures, exploring humanity and kindness, battling and managing a mental illness, to self-belief and daring to change.

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