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Illustrations on t-shirts or tank tops? Here is Yvie’s illustrated collection.

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Hey there, bore da, I’m Yvie Johnson from North Wales.

Creating digital illustrations for print and web, writing poetry and short stories, and working on my first graphic-sort-of novel.

Please contact me for commissions.

Selected illustrations are available in my online shop, all products are print-on-demand because it’s better for the environment. We can all help in our own little way!

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  • Rabbit is standing on a square block in the water, rabbit is wearing red and white striped bathing costume, green swimming cap and blue goggles. Rabbit is adjusting the goggles. 2023 is written on the white block. In the background the sun is rising over the hilly horizon, the sun’s reflection is dazzling across water.

    Water Rabbit

    2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit Instagram Post

  • Facetober Fun

    Drawing fun in the Facetober challenge on Instagram

  • Passion Project

    Choosing to create with/in discomfort — Blog Post

  • Eirlys in January

    Whimsical & seasonal

  • Digital illustration portrait of Kenojuak Ashevak in the style of First Nation artist Kenojuak Ashevak. Kenojuak is holding a paintbrush in her right hand.

    Kenojuak Ashevak

    Honouring historical Women in Art

  • Digital illustration portrait of a white female with brown chin-length hair wearing rectangular frame glasses, a blue collarless open-neck shirt, smiling with teeth showing. There are flowers in her hair, on her blue shirt and in a bouquet in front of her. There is green foliage in the foreground, background and overhead. There is text in hand-lettering which reads "Always Blooming". The overall feel is warm and friendly.

    Portrait Commission