Hello, I am a creative, an aspiring novelist, a multipotentialite with a dash of genealogist.

Illography 5

I sketch on my iPad Air (pretty ancient version) using the Adobe Draw app. My stylus of choice is an Adonit Jet Pro Dampener.

Illography 3

Dabbling in illography has forced me to widen my field of view, and narrow my choice of subjects.

Illography 2

What does chronology matter, when quantum physics tells us that there is no time?

Illography 1

What is illography? It’s the storytelling through illustration, a pictoral journal, if you will. A serendipitous discovery at the turn of the new year which stoked my sketchy senses.

Illography 4

Week Four of the illography series sees the ME debate in Parliament, a reflection on beverages, an appreciation for Laini Taylor novels and Nel goes wandering again.


The simplicity of signs, their effect is long-lasting. I was heading south, and just as I wondered which way to go, I saw a sign and it set me on my path.


I sought a meaningful analogy for a Ferris Wheel, but I just kept going round in circles.


Dandelions are magical. As they’re nearing the endof their life they transform into fairy pods and display an incredibly elegant structure, delicately. Delicate Dandelions.