Birdsong and buzzing, wind-whispers rustling through dancing leaves and bending branches.

My footsteps patter, echoing around me as each blade of grass and trail dust scattered carries the welcoming tale of my journey deeper into the forest.

The trees sway as they sing to their tune, regaling their stories of the years they’ve survived. The lives they’ve encountered. Talking to each other with nature’s perfect melody.

I walk amongst these giants, surrounded by crisp beams piercing swirling mists of light, sprinkles of sound and constant chatter, a tonic that my mind swallows. Drink up, purge your frowns.

It’s here, in this clearing, that the thickness of life embraces me, my heart feels a sense of belonging, if I had roots, this is where they’d stay.

Maybe then I, too, could speak with the bees, chatter with the branches and leaves, sing with the birds and the swaying trees.

Before I go I click the shutter, imprisoning this familiarity into a tiny box frame.

A picture carries a thousand memories.
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