The terrapin from Outerspace

The terrapin from Outerspace

There's a story to be heard
Of the terrapin from planet Earth,
Who caught sight of the moon one night;
It gave her a dreadful fright.

That glowing orb pointing straight at her,
"What does it want", she queried, "oh, what does it even matter?"

You see, wee terrapin was rather lonely,
Her once vibrant home, now less comely.
The seaweed overgrown, the deserted silence deafening,
Even the water seemed to be retreating from everything.

Poor, lonely, terrapin, began to wonder, there and then,
'Could that great glowing orb become my friend?'
Her heart thudded faster, as she dared to entertain,
The idea of having a friend once again.

Resolute, she decided, I'm going to make that star my base!
And so began the adventure of the terrapin from outer-space.
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