Make Art with Heart

Make Art with Heart

Feeling the positive force of artists of all kinds at the moment.
After a rough week I turned to glorious music, adventurous stories, incredible podcasts, soaking up images with beautiful lines and colours, stepping back from forward motion to try to get my bearings again.

This piece is inspired by @jamiethedrake 's exquisite tune called "Make a spark".
I went back to illustration lessons by @bydylanm to try and eek out what I had in my heart.
I kept the paradigm altering interview between @sonyareneetaylor and @brenebrown in the forefront of my mind when I gave myself critique, whilst trying to reach into my soul to push my skills a little more.
The important art messages being shared by @jessicahische et al reminds me that even though I can't say or do much away from my bed, I can create an image in my bed and say it all anyway.
And now that I've been listening to @andyjpizza 's latest class on finding my style I knew I'd do myself a disservice by not keeping it colourful, intricate and aged. How I like it!

But I've still got work to do.

My heart is aching a great deal, my body is reacting to stress with fierce bitterness, so I have to hold my hands up to the fact I still need some help. Therapy help. Not more medicine, but somewhere I can find forgiveness for the version of myself that kept breaking under pressure and couldn't withstand the battery of stress over the years.
Perhaps some forgiveness will relieve some of this fire in my blood and bones.

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